About us



We have been present on the Polish market for over 20 years.

We specialise in providing our clients with high-quality metal packaging. We are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, offering sophisticated ornamental forms as well as any shape of decorative cans. We have a lot of experience and a lot of success in this industry!

Metal packaging is a perfect form to promote both the company, brand or only the products. Durability and attractiveness of the cans as packaging is an additional value appreciated by customers.

All products manufactured by our company have certificates satisfactory for contact with food products. In addition, they are exported to many countries of the European Union and WKN, and all patterns from the catalogue offer are designs of the graduate artists from the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts.

Our company has won many prestigious awards and rewards, which confirm its position on the market, among others, the Business Gazelle and joining the Polish Chamber of Packaging. All Artbox products are signed with a distinctive logo, which confirms the class and exclusivity of each product. Customers value brand products for the elegant style, highest quality and perfect finish.

Thinking about the future, we constantly invest our capital in the development and expansion of our offer. We want to always adjust our offer to the rapidly changing needs of Customers and know that we will contribute to their satisfaction.

Decorative cans have become a very popular promotional packaging selected by companies, who look for a way to differentiate their products.

Metal packaging is perfectly suited to this task, because it is durable, relatively inexpensive and has great decorative possibilities. Thanks to this, the products gain an attractive image and are more willingly selected by customers.

Decorative cans are a unique packaging for promoting the brand, product or the company. They are selected by various industries – from pharmaceutical to

Decorative cans have become a very popular promotional packaging in recent years.

Many companies look for exceptional packaging to distinguish their products, and metal packaging is perfect for it. They are durable, relatively inexpensive and they have a lot of decorative possibilities. All this makes the packaged product gain an attractive image and acceptance among clients.

Decorative cans are also … to promote the brand or company.

Popular in many industries, from food products to pharmaceutics.